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  • Vindhyka Rizky Haechel
    Chief Excecutive Officer

    Managing DIrector with more than 10 years in Creative Industry. Leading Streamline with creative mindset and strategic business process

  • Arry WSP
    Chief Creative Officer

    Arry WSP is a creative artist and founding partner, providing our art direction towards the innovative landscape.

  • Drehatama Muhammad
    Creative Manager

    In charge for shaping and executing innovative strategies. Commited to fostering a collaborative and dynamic creative strategy to exceed new heights

  • Raden Roro Intan
    Head of Business Development

    3+ years of success in building client relationships and driving business growth. Proven track record in delivering exceptional client experiences and exceeding expectations.

  • Venny Aulia
    Head of Finance Dept.

    Expertise in financial management. Proven track record in financial planning, budgeting, and analysis. Dedicated to driving fiscal responsibility and ensuring long-term financial sustainability.

  • Diah Eka Pertiwi
    Business Operations Manager

    With over 2 years of experience in streamlining processes and ensuring organizational efficiency. Proven track record in meticulous planning and effective execution. Passionate about optimizing operations to drive success.

  • Dicko Giyari
    Operations Officer

    Experienced Operations Officer with a proven track record in optimizing processes and fostering operational efficiency. Specialized in meticulous execution, and cross-functional collaboration. Passionate about driving organizational success through streamlined operations

  • Next Talent

    Join with us to cook creative ideas

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